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CHK Series CNC Fully-Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer
CHK Series CNC Fully-Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer
CNC fully-hydraulic die forging hammer is high and new technology machine, which is innovated from world advanced forging technology and completely developed by us. And it also is new type CNC forging equipment with high efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection features. It’s a key and important project in Jiangsu.
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Performance and parameters
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  • Technical feature
    1.Fully hydraulic driving system, avoiding oil and steam air crossing;
    2.High integrated hydraulic control system and accumulator fixed directly on main valve block without any pipe connecting, improving hydraulic system efficiency and easy to maintenance;
    3.Slow up and down in the case of releasing hydraulic system pressure, safer to operate;
    4.taper priority valves and main valves structure, to get high response speed, good sealing performance and no internal leakage;
    5.Advanced high and low pressure double sealing structure, avoiding oil leakage;
    6.Special swayable oil cylinder and piston rods guiding structure, suitable for off-center forging and extending piston rod life;
    7.One piece casting U frame and radial wide guide rails, to get stable and high ram accuracy;
    8.inlaid guide rails allocation in three side, get no stress to guide rails screw;
    9.Touch screen man-machine interface and automatic malfunction diagnosis and alarm, easy for machine operation and maintenance;
    10.digitized and exacted controlling striking energy, avoiding surplus energy harm during striking.
    A.High efficiency, energy saving, safety, reliability and environmental protection;
    B.Firmness, durability, good rigidity and high accuracy;
    C.Return quickly, unclosed die
    D.Easy and flexible operation
    E.Be equipped with automatic forging line;
    F.Wide application;
    Application with small batch but many kinds;
    b.Precision forging of irregular and complex parts;
    c.Forge with several mold cavities and closed forging;
    d.Powder forging, alloy steel forging and non-ferrous metal forging.
    Technical parameters
    SPEC. CHK 16 25 31.5 40 50 63 80 100 125 160
    Striking energy KJ 16 25 31.5 40 50 63 80 100 125 160
    Ram weight KG 1100 1750 2250 2700 3400 4200 5400 6800 8400 10000
    Striking frequency 100 90 90 90 90 80 80 75 70 75
    Motor power KW 30 55 55 75 2×55 2×55 2×90 2×90 2×110 2×132
    Machine weight T 26 40 51 58 80 100 120 150 195 245
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