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Wedge-driving hammer
Performance and parameters
Working video
  • Operating Instructions
    1.Use 3T forklift fork to hold the hole in the bottom of the wedge-driving hammer;
    2.Connect main pipe to the 0.4-0.6mpa compressed air source;
    3.Forklift removes forward to wedge area, keep ram be close to the wedge large end, manipulate the manual valve to realize striking; In this time, main piston will impact deputy ram, thus it will pass impacting force to wedge through the cap, then the wedge will be tightened;
    4.Ensure the distance between the ram and wedge is less than 80mm;When the distance is greater than this, the forklift needs to move forward to ensure that there is no empty striking;
    5.Adjust opening size of throttle valve to control the opening size of main valve, and then control the impacting force.
    6.Be sure to lubricate the piston with a manual oil pump before each work;
    7.The gas source should be used by the oil and water separator to reduce the moisture in the compressed air in case the cylinder is corroded.
    Performance and features
    1.Working conditions
    a.0.4-0.6Mpa Compressed air sources
    b.a 3 ton forklift
    a.Less staff , usually a forklift worker and an operator
    b.Only compressed air, no need power supply
    c.Impacting force is adjustable
    Technical parameters
    TYPE ZC-200 ZC-300
    Weight of impacting ram 180kg 300kg
    Maximum stroke of impact ram 380mm 380mm
    Maximum stroke of wedge for one striking 80mm 80mm
    Air supply pipeline diameter 20mm 20mm
    Maximum impact energy 5KJ 6.5KJ
    Overall size (Length*Width*Height) 1650*585*760mm 1700*680*800mm
    Minimum working height 275mm 310mm
    Compressed air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa 0.5-0.7MPa
    Machine weight 2000kg 2300kg
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