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We got the orders for the PLC forging hammers with large capacity
We got the orders for the PLC forging hammers with large capacity. Recently, Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd signed a contract with Anshan Taiyang Forging Co.,Ltd for 320 KJ forging hammer. Before that, the PLC forging hammers with large capacity have been successfully used in Qinghai Kangtai Forging Co.,Ltd ( two sets of 320kJ), Faw Bharat Forge  (Changchun) Company Limited (one set of 250kJ, two sets of 125kJ, two sets of 80kJ) and Jinan Liande Heavy Machine Co.,Ltd (one set of 250kJ). The main forging parts produced by the forging hammers are crankshafts, front axles, balance shaft, steering knuckle, diesel connecting rods for ships. And now we are going to deliver the forging hammers to First Machinery Group one set of 320kJ and two sets of 125kJ forging hammers, and will delivery 400kJ forging hammer to Inner Mongolia Coal Group.
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