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Review meeting of China first set 400kJ CNC 100% hydraulic driving counterblow hammer was held in Baixie
On Dec 11th, Jiangsu Baixie Precision Forging Machinery Co.,Ltd held on a review meeting of CDKA400 CNC fully hydraulic counterblow hammer in Wangfu Hotel. Mr. Li Zhenzhao, honorary chairman of China Forging Association and researcher, Mr. Wu Gongming, committeeman of China National Technical Committee On Die and Mould of Standardization Administration, professor of CAD research center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Mr. Zhanghao, vice-chairman and researcher of metal forming center in Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical & electrical technology, Mr. Zhong Zhiping, chairman and researcher of advanced manufacturing technical center in Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical & electrical technology, and Mr. Mei Congli, a professor of Jiangsu University, attended in the meeting.
After listening to Baixies technical reporters, the specialists checked the declared documents and asked some technical questions. And after getting Baixie's engineer answers, the specialists confirmed Baixie's research, they thought "the counterblow hammer has right design thinking, advanced structure as well as good manufacturing level, it is China first set counterblow hammer, and the advanced technology in the world."
The specialists wish Baixie taking the opportunity to realize the research into industry, exploiting wide using and producing better, larger and more 100% hydraulic forging equipments to China automobile industry, engineering machinery, mining machinery, spaceflight industry.
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